Friday, January 05, 2007

Story of customer service at it's greatest...

Today is the last day of wireless coverage for all the pastoral staff at UPC. Tanya has been on the phone with Cingular Wireless trying to get plans canceled and other things changed. The woman she was talking with told her that she could not cancel plans because the account is held by Mark Bates. So Tanya told her to call Mark on his cellphone (account held with Cingular) and get approval. About 3 minutes pass by...
My phone rings... "Hello University Presbyterian this is Lindsey"
Cingular rep - "Mark Bates please"
Me - "Ummm..he is not in the office today can I help you?"
Cingular rep- "Well this is ____ from Cingular and I am trying to verify some account information with him"
Me - "I just heard my co-worker tell you to call Mark on his cell phone did you try that?"
Cingular rep - "No I didn't. Can I get that #?"
Me - "Ummm...I am pretty sure you should have it since you are the wireless provider"
Cingular rep - "You think so?" (and totally serious when she said this)
Me - "Yeah I am sure!"

a few seconds go by...

Cingular rep - "Oh yeah I do have it. I will call him right now. Thanks!"

I have to say that customer service ain't what it used to be! :-)


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