Wednesday, December 26, 2007

There has been a black cloud hanging over my family this past week. It has been a little crazy but all true...

Monday: My Dad went in the hospital for scheduled hip replacement surgery. He was supposed to get out on Thursday. After several complications he was released 8 days after surgery.

Thursday: My Uncle was taken by ambulance to the ER with pancreatitus. He is still in the hospital with impending gual bladder surgery.


1. During the middle of the night my cousin's apartment building caught on fire. Their apartment was the only one that didn't burn. Praise the Lord! But, the whole building has been condemed.

2. My Aunt & Uncle had to go to the emergancy vet with their dog and because of issues had to put her to sleep.

My Dad has 5 brothers and sisters and each of these stories is from different families. It was a very hectic Christmas season. Even though it was crazy busy I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and such a wonderful Lord to serve. He has been faithful throughout all of this.

Friday, December 21, 2007

At the request of my dear friend Brandi I am blogging about something serious...

It is an interesting thing to have a parent go through serious health issues. At the age of 37 my Dad had a heart attack. I remember waking up in the morning to find my grandparents at the house and hearing the info that my Dad was at the hospital. It is a life changing experience to learn that your father could have died.

This past Monday my Dad went in to the hospital for hip replacement surgery. Every time someone goes under the knife it is a risk. It is even more for my Dad because of his heart history. So it is a trust thing for me every time this happens. I experience an emotional battle with the Lord and me being willing to trust that he has the best in mind.

I can say that the surgery went well. There were a few complications but we are hoping that he will come home tomorrow. The Lord has again shown me how much more I need to rely on Him. I am so thankful for the blessing of a wonderful family and a great relationship with my parents.

Thanks for reading what has been on my heart...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

One more thing I am thankful for...

Mr. Boots doggie name tag that says his name and my phone #

I am house sitting for my Aunt and Uncle. I dropped Mr. Boots off at their place this morning and put him out in the back yard with the big dogs. We have done this several times and he has been fine. Well at about 2:00 p.m. today I got a phone call...

Lady: Hi...ummm...I have Mr. Boots
Lady: I have a small dog named Mr. Boots. Is he yours?
Me: Yes! I am staying at my Aunt and Uncles and he must have gotten out of the yard.
Lady: Can you come get him.
Me: I'm on my way!

I drive the 10 minute drive in total panic that not only has something happened to my dog but my family's dogs. Come to find out that they are all fine. Katie and Cooper (golden retrievers) were in the back yard. Mr. Boots had somehow squeezed through a tiny space at the bottom of the fence wanting his freedom from the yard. I'm so thankful that he only made it to the next door neighbors before someone found him.

Things that make me happy during the Christmas season...

1. shopping - I have all mine done!
2. Christmas music - I stream it all day at work!
3. peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks
4. parties - I have already been to 3 and it's only Dec. 13
5. Christmas lights - especially driving around and looking at them (or mocking them) with friends
6. family - pretty much ALL of my extended family is coming to visit this year
7. my tree - it is humble but it makes my house look pretty
8. cookies - these make me happy all year round but I especially like Christmas cookies
9. friends - every year some friends from highschool get together and it is a great time
10. holiday pay - I like having time off work and getting paid for it!

It has been a good holiday season so far. Even though I have basically no voice right now it is still good!