Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I decided the other day while at the grocery store with Allison, my sister, that I would pick up some of these Weigh Watchers lemon cakes to have for snack at work. I just tried my first one. Let me just say that it was pretty dissapointing. The cakes are about the size of one Twinkie and the icing is not soft. I guess this is what you get for 2.5 fat grams.

About a month ago I received a coupon for a buy 1 get 1 free medium Fruit & Yogurt shake at Stake 'n Shake. Karin and I decided that after all of our hard work at line dancing class last night that we deserved a reward. So we hit up the drive thru. I ordered banana and she ordered raspberry. We precede to head back to my place. We get about a mile down the road and about 3 sips into our drinks and look at each other. Karin declares "this is disgusting!". I heartily agree!! I don't know if the yogurt had gone bad or it was just the taste of the drink but it was NOT good.

Note to self... Don't mess with perfection!! Regular hand dipped milk shakes from Steak n' Shake are the goods!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Watching Grey's Anatomy the other night I heard the following interaction between 2 of the actors...
George: I don't know how to exist in a world where my father doesn't.
Christina: Yeah that never really changes.

This interaction became very real to me as I attended a funeral for my great aunt Dot. My cousin's, aunt's and uncle's were all talking about how they had been crying so much and they didn't know if they could cry any more. They longed for a time when they would feel better even though she is gone. I wanted to tell them that a world without someone you love never gets any easier. We do have the comfort as Christians knowing that she is with Jesus and not in pain anymore but we are still here on earth. Living with human hearts that have pain and longing. I lost both of my maternal grandparents just over 2 years ago. I still miss them. It does not get easier. It changes. I don't cry all the time but I do still cry. It can be the smallest thing like a tuna sandwich made like Gramma Jane made it that makes me fall apart. It brings me right back to the day she died and the pain is so real again. Then I am ok for a while. The strange thing is that I don't wish that I didn't have the pain. I am thankful for it. I am glad I miss them. I am glad that I have such strong memories. I struggle to exist in a world where they don't but life goes on.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tristan's First Laugh

Being an aunt is the best!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

I have somehow been roped into taking a line dancing class. My friend (I use that term loosely) Karin and I are going tonight for our first class. We'll see how it goes. I made her promise that we would stand in the back and that if I hate it I don't have to go back.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ok so RENT is coming to the Bob Carr Performing Arts Theatre. I am SO excited! I am thinking of going February 10 @ 2:00 p.m. Anyone interested? Cheap tickets are $30. Let me know!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So I am having office chair issues. For about 3 weeks it has not been working properly. It tilts to one side. Now, as of today, it just randomly slides the height setting down all the way until I feel like I am sitting on the floor. When this happens I look like a midget and I can barely see over my desk. I have ordered a new one and it comes tomorrow but until then I get to play the ride the office chair game. UGH!!

A little church humor for ya!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Story of customer service at it's greatest...

Today is the last day of wireless coverage for all the pastoral staff at UPC. Tanya has been on the phone with Cingular Wireless trying to get plans canceled and other things changed. The woman she was talking with told her that she could not cancel plans because the account is held by Mark Bates. So Tanya told her to call Mark on his cellphone (account held with Cingular) and get approval. About 3 minutes pass by...
My phone rings... "Hello University Presbyterian this is Lindsey"
Cingular rep - "Mark Bates please"
Me - "Ummm..he is not in the office today can I help you?"
Cingular rep- "Well this is ____ from Cingular and I am trying to verify some account information with him"
Me - "I just heard my co-worker tell you to call Mark on his cell phone did you try that?"
Cingular rep - "No I didn't. Can I get that #?"
Me - "Ummm...I am pretty sure you should have it since you are the wireless provider"
Cingular rep - "You think so?" (and totally serious when she said this)
Me - "Yeah I am sure!"

a few seconds go by...

Cingular rep - "Oh yeah I do have it. I will call him right now. Thanks!"

I have to say that customer service ain't what it used to be! :-)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ok so I got some GREAT new DVD's for Christmas and I just thought I would share...

My Fair Lady
An Affair To Remember
Pretty In Pink
Mary Poppins
Veronica Mars (season 1)
Veronica Mars (season 2)

If you know me at all then you know that I LOVE movies! I have quite an extensive collection. I actually had to create more space in which to store my DVD's. :-)