Monday, August 20, 2007

Yesterday my good friend Cindy, in the pink, made my other friend Karin, in the black, and I lunch at her house. It was SO yummy. I also have to say it was one of THE most relaxing afternoons I have had in a while. We ate lunch, chatted, drank coffee and ate brownies, chatted, moved the party into the living room, and chatted. We were there for 4 hours! I can't tell you how much I enjoy these girls. We can be talking about absolutely nothing or something totally serious and either way it is great. I'm blessed to have friends like them. They keep me from having to much drama in my life. :-) Also the 3 of us saw "Becoming Jane" on Saturday night. It was a good one! I think i'm the only one that appreciated it truly. Karin fell asleep, big surprise, and Cindy was expecting more. Maybe it is just that i'm easily entertained.


Jeremy said...

Karin fell asleep?!? I thought she would've loved the movie because she's a big Jane Austen fan. My, how that girl can surprise me! I saw it last week too and I thought it was great. Not nearly as good as her actual novels, but it was still a good watch. But then again, I think I'm like you -- easily entertained. If I pay for something, I want to try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Anyway, I'm glad that at least you enjoyed it and had a great time chatting with your friends.

karin said...

First of all, I thought those beach pictures were sacred!!!! THEY GOT PUBLISHED!

Now that that's out of the way, I have so much fun with you girls, it's crazy. Sunday afternoon really was awesome.

As for falling asleep.....I have no explanation. However, i just finished the bag of popcorn from Saturday night. I love how that sucker is at least 4 meals for me.

Lindsey said...

I'll admit they were supposed to be sacred is the only recent pic I have of you 2 together. Sorry! :-)

Anonymous said...

You are the sweetest girl Lindsey! Thank you for such lovely comments about the afternoon at my house. I, too, had a wonderful time and ya'lls company is even better than the lunch I made ;) Although who doesn't love dunkable brownies!

If you hadn't said such nice things, I am not sure I would really like you right now for making THAT PICTURE known to the world! Nothing shy of trampling my mother would make me want to destroy you for showing that hideous thing ;)