Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Yes i'm weird...

I love pockets. I got a new skirt last night and was most excited about the fact that it has pockets. The dress I bought for Jr/Sr had pockets and that is one of the reason's I bought it.

I don't like birds. They are very unpredictable creatures.

I don't like to eat things that are white and jiggly. Such things as cottage cheese, vanilla pudding, or cream cheese.

I'm usually early wherever I go. It's a sickness...

I don't like to be talked to while i'm in the bathroom. Fellow church members should take note of this!

I have a queen size bed but only sleep on the right side.

Being fashionably coordinated is a must. Black shoes/black purse sorta thing.

So those are some of the weird things about me. Notice I said SOME. Definitely not all of them. Feel free to share yours!


Cindy Lynn said...

You know it's all those "weird" things that makes us love you so much chica :)

Ok, my weird thing is that I have irrational fears like all my teeth falling out and me swallowing them. Gross, right!