Monday, May 05, 2008

Jen tagged me with this so here I go...

what was i doing ten years ago?
I think I was getting ready to go on or was on Senior Trip. I can't remember exactly when we went.

5 things on my "to-do" list...

Return movies

Take dogs to the vet

Clean room

Do laundry

Exchange old TV for new one!

snacks i enjoy

Oriental Mix from Publix


Frito's Scoups and French Onion Dip

five things i'd do if i were a billionaire...

Make a large donation to my church

Pay off my mortgage, my parents mortgage and my sister's mortgage

Buy a SUV

Travel with friends and family - Italy, Switzerland, Africa (visit Andrea), and to NY to stay in a nice hotel and shop!

Get good advice on how to invest my $ so I don't loose it all.

5 bad habits...

Biting my nails

Picking at scabs

Not returning movies on time

Not flossing enough (sorry Dr. D.)

Eating to much junk food

places i've lived...

Pinehills, Fl
Orlando, Fl
Oviedo, Fl
Toccoa Falls, GA
Pisa, Italy - Only 6 weeks but still I lived there!

five jobs i've had...

Hostess @ Angel's Diner
Receiptionist @ Blair Insurance
Daycare Employee @ Downey Christian
Summer Camp Counselor @ Downey Christian
Salesperson @ Pier 1

who's next????

Danielle B.
Andrea D.
Pam J.
Amy H.
Brandi M.


Kelli K Bock said...

You were a hostess at Angels? How did I miss that?

Anonymous said...

I only worked there for 3 months.