Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Can I just say how annoyed and frustrated I am with the United States Post Office? UGH! So this is what happened. I went on Monday of last week to check our mail. In the box was a notice that our box got to full. Because it has gotten to full they had taken our mail back to the post office. Now mind you it had only been 4 days since I had checked it. Last week was the week from hell at work so I just couldn't go. I called yesterday and asked what I needed to do to get our mail. The lady told me just come to the post office in Oviedo with my drivers license. So today I take off work, drive over there, and try to pick up my mail. The lady who comes out from behind the blue door precedes to tell me that I can't pick up my mail. It is at another location and I have to come back! What the @$%#! So now I have to take more time off work this afternoon to go back to the post office in DOWN TOWN OVIEDO to get my freaking mail! UGH!! Annoyed = me!