Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ok so I went to see the movie The Holiday the other night with my good friend Karin. It is totally GREAT movie. While watcing I realized that I am totally Iris. Kate Winslet playes this character named Iris who is in love with this guy who says he wants her while it is convenient for him. It was amazing to see someone else go through the same issues I have. It was so eye opening because until I came to the realization that I do the same thing I was mad at her for letting herself get walked all over. Then it hit me like a lightening bolt! I do the same thing. I find someone I am attracted to. Then I do everything possible to make them want to be with me. How this logic works in my mind I am not sure. I love when Iris suddenly realizes how Jasper is treating her and he that he will never change. I wanted to yell GO GIRL! :-)

If you have not seen this movie... DO! It is really cute!


karin said...

That would've been funny if you had yelled "go girl" in the middle of the theater! I had fun seeing the movie with you, too. But I think I might start calling you Iris, just for kicks.

Amy said...

I totally want to see that! I'm glad you said it was good. I would have been sadly disapointed if it turned out to be dumb.