Tuesday, October 16, 2007

About 3 years ago I "adopted" a mini-schnauzer from my friends Paul and Cathy. He was then called Bootsy. He has since been dubbed Mr. Boots. I love my dog. Although he can drive me completely bonkers he is a great companion. Somehow I did not realize how attached to him I was. That is, until this week. Friday he had some sort of spasm, yelped out and then kinda froze in a weird position. I was totally freaked out. I called my parents, called the vet and in the end it was decided that I should wait to see what happens. Well it kept happening. By yesterday I was convinced that he was having seizures. Yesterday I left him home all day while I was at work. I was in such a panic on my drive home that I was going to find a dead dog. He was not. He was still hurting but totally alive. I took him to the vet. Come to find out the vet thinks he has a pulled muscle. Should not be a big deal at all. He has to take a week of anti-inflammatory meds and he should be fine. I have come to realize that I am one of those crazy dog people that I totally mock. While I maintain that I will not spend thousands of dollars on the health of my dog I was terrified that something was wrong. I am so glad to say he is ok. Thanks to all of my friends who put up with my worriedness. They all realize how much I love him.


Kelly said...

Clearly, I am one of those crazy dog people too!!! I totally understand! Glad he's okay.

Brandi said...

Awe. . .I'm glad he's ok! It's almost weird how attached we can become and not even know it! I remember when I had a dog I liked. . . .hmmm. . .those were the days!

Remember Princess and Bud and how they were best friends?!


Lindsey said...

I can't believe you don't like Dumptruck! He is the cutest thing! I do remember the Princess and Bud days. Remember the time they dug out of our yard and dug INTO your yard?! So hysterical!

Amy said...

Awe! I'm so glad he's alright! Poor Mr. Boots! I've finally just embraced the fact that I'm one of those crazy dog people. =)