Monday, October 08, 2007

Ok so I just opened my purse to get some chapstick. Come to realize that I have some interesting things in my purse and thought I would share...

1. 2 Lip Smacker chapsticks
2. 1 tube of lipstick
3. 1 tube of lip gloss
4. tide pen
5. earrings (belong to my roomie)
6. earplugs (I have NO idea why)
7. check book
8. phone
9. wallet
10. DVD (needs to be returned to Blockbuster)
11. check from UPC
12. gum
13. Financial peace cash holder
14. keys
15. black pen

I do think the 4 things of lip gloss/chapstick is kinda funny. You just never know what you will be in the mood for. The other funny thing is that I change my purse often and still manage to have this much junk in it!


Amy said...

I just changed purses last night and moved 4 different packs of gum and 2 lip glosses and a chapstick over to the knew one. I agree, you never know what you'll be in the mood for. =)

Anonymous said...

This is why we are friends!! :-)

Brandi said...

oh my. . .if I could just post my list!! It would be way to long and you NEVER know what you'd find in the bottom of a diaper bag! That would be a darn funny post though!