Monday, October 15, 2007

Yesterday I went to Publix. Pretty much as soon as I walked in I was overwhelmed with the smell of cinnamon. I am a HUGE fan of cinnamon smells. I kept walking around the store and in the fruits & veggie section I noticed the cinnamon brooms. I was so excited. Having the brooms means it is a certain time of year. It is fall. It is time to have thing smell "fall like". So I scooped one of the brooms up and put it in my cart. My house smells so nice now. I woke up this morning and went down stairs and was immediately surprised with the scent of cinnamon tingling my nose. I love it!


Brandi said...

ooooh, I LOVE the smell of cinnamon! It just makes me ready for Christmas! I LOVE good smelling houses too! I just bought the tealight / oil burner from Bath and Body Works and it totally works! My house smells good in literally 15 minutes! Which is a real feat with 2 kids and a dog!

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Hana said...

Yay for cinnamon brooms! I just got mine last week. :)